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9th Seminar of Prehistoric Technology "Confocal microscopy for the analysis of wear on tools and teeth in prehistory"

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2-4 mai 2022
Barcelona - Institut Milà i Fontanals



During the last decade, texture analysis of wear on teeth and tool surfaces performed using 3D scanning confocal microscopy is gaining momentum.

The Archaeology of Social Dynamics group of the Milá y Fontanals Institute (CSIC-Barcelona) is organising a workshop on this subject.


Besides discussing methodological questions, we will present different case studies involving the application of confocal microscopy and texture analysis.


The workshop is addressed to students wishing to develop their research using this methodology and to consolidated researchers interested in integrating this line of research into their studies. We will keep a balance between theoretical and practical learning.


Mornings will be devoted to theory, while the practical use of the confocal microscope, texture analysis software and statistical packages will be carried out during the afternoons.


Furthermore, during the workshop participants will also have the opportunity to discuss their scientific interests and present their case studies.


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