Flint Trade in the Protohistoric Levant : The Complexities and Implications of Tabular Scraper Exchange in the Levantine Protohistoric Periods / Francesca Manclossi & Steven A. Rosen (2022) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF An archaeology of innovation: Approaching social and technological change in human society / Catherine J. Frieman (2021)

Perspectives on Differences in Rock Art / Jan Magne Gjerde & Mari Strifeldt Arntzen (2021)


Gjerde_&_Arntzen_2021 [Études spécifiques]
Jan Magne Gjerde & Mari Strifeldt Arntzen (2021) - Perspectives on Differences in Rock Art, Sheffield, Equinox, 484 p. EAN 9781781795606, 130,00 €.

Rock art is a global phenomenon with enormous variation in its shapes and figures, and research interests that are wide and inclusive. This volume explores the differences observed in rock art through time and space, synchronically and diachronically. These differences can, for example, be in form, content or space (macro and micro), where explanations might relate to a variety of factors such as political or societal beliefs and rituals. This volume also discusses the many-sided and complex issues connected with authenticity and presentation, and the efforts and choices that are taken to preserve and present rock art. The wide-ranging papers presented here have been written by scholars from across the globe, from a variety of perspectives on differences in rock art. This volume will be of interest to students and archaeologists, and to researchers from related disciplines.

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