La minière de Ri (Orne) : extraction de silex et production de haches au Néolithique moyen / Emmanuel Ghesquière, Cyril Marcigny & François Charraud (2021) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF Flint Trade in the Protohistoric Levant : The Complexities and Implications of Tabular Scraper Exchange in the Levantine Protohistoric Periods / Francesca Manclossi & Steven A. Rosen (2022)

Dental Cementum in Anthropology / Stephan Naji, William Rendu & Lionel Gourichon (2022)


Naji_et_al_2022 [Anthropologie]
Stephan Naji, William Rendu & Lionel Gourichon (2022) - Dental Cementum in Anthropology, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 420 p. EAN 9781108477086, 131,00 €.

Tooth enamel and dentin are the most studied hard tissues used to explore hominin evolution, life history, diet, health, and culture. Surprisingly, cementum (the interface between the alveolar bone and the root dentin) remains the least studied dental tissue even though its unique growth, which is continuous throughout life, has been acknowledged since the 1950s. This interdisciplinary volume presents state-of-the-art studies in cementum analysis and its broad interpretative potential in anthropology. The first section focuses on cementum biology; the second section presents optimized multi-species and standardized protocols to estimate age and season at death precisely. The final section highlights innovative applications in zooarchaeology, paleodemography, bioarchaeology, paleoanthropology, and forensic anthropology, demonstrating how cementochronology can profoundly affect anthropological theories. With a wealth of illustrations of cementum histology and accompanying online resources, this book provides the perfect toolkit for scholars interested in studying past and current human and animal populations.

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