Colloque international "Lacunes" / International Symposium « Lacunae » A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Transmissions en Anthropologie : 34e édition du Colloque du GALF

Ceramic Studies, make sherds speak! Methods and Interpretations

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6th of June 2022
Masaryk University - Department of Archaeology and Museology





Solène Denis
Introduction : from archaeological remains to social patterns, toward integrated studies


Lorraine Manceau (Contract worker, INRAP)
What to do with your sherds? Discussion around the different approaches


Dimitri Teetaert (Department of Archaeology, Ghent University)
Pottery provenance, technology and direct dating - case studies from the Late Mesolithic to Middle Neolithic in NW Europe


Peter Tóth (Department of Archaeology, Masaryk University)
Tracing the Neolithic transition in Central Europe through the first pottery. Chronology and technology


Sébastien Manem (UMR 8068 TEMPS, Nanterre)
Ceramic technology and cultural evolution: the European Bronze Age as a case study


Richard Thér (Department of Archaeology, Hradec Králové)
The study of the evolution of the use of potter’s wheel in central Europe in the Iron Age: the contribution of analysis of the orientation of components of a ceramic body

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Solène Denis