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13th Experimental Archaeology Conference | EAC13

Congrès, colloques, réunions


1-3 may 2023
Toruń (Poland)




Organised by: EXARC & Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (PL)


Integrating the Archaeological Experiment into a Multidisciplinary Science and its Popularisation


Scientific observations conducted by the outstanding Toruń citizen Nicolaus Copernicus led to the breaking of dogmas and solving one of the greatest mysteries in the history of humankind; namely, they answered the question about the actual position of our planet in the solar system. We adhere to this scientific approach in the city of Copernicus also today, seeing our archaeological experiments as an essential and integral part of multi-faceted studies on human prehistory and history.

By organizing the Experimental Archaeology Conference (#EAC13) in our city, we would like to honor the unique role that experimental archaeology plays in such a modern, scientific and interdisciplinary approach to research to reconstruct life in the past. Therefore, we invite to participate in the conference, particularly those who conduct experiments closely related to archaeological and historical sources and verify their results using modern scientific methods and research tools. We are very curious how the knowledge obtained in this way is applied to archaeological studies and how it functions in the context of other findings, e.g., the results of palaeobiological, physicochemical, or environmental studies. Is it compatible or contradicting them?


However, we also do not forget, of course, about the fundamental goal of each scientific study, which is to popularize the knowledge gained as a result of it in the broader group of recipients. Therefore, to participate in the conference, we would also invite those who base their educational activities on premises rooted in professional archaeological research or other scientific studies. Such action is, in our opinion, essential, being the only way to build a vision of the past in modern society that corresponds to reality, without simplifications and falsifications, unfortunately often served by the mass culture media.

This will be a hybrid conference

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