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43th Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference "Revolutions in Prehistoric Households and Houses"

Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


15-17 décembre 2022
University of Edinburgh



Households are a dynamic and nuanced social scale that form the basis of any society they exist in. It therefore stands to reason that in understanding the dynamics, both physical and social, that take place within this context we can begin to understand the wider cultural and social landscape that surrounds them. Theory surrounding households has often been intertwined with the concept of a house, but is it necessary for a household to have a house in order to exist? Is the household in fact a concept that is defined by the society it exists in?


The physical nature and layout of households has often been explored in prehistory, with a focus on understanding the social implications of their immediate context. This emphasis on the interpretation of the house and household within their own context therefore poses the question: Is it possible for an examination of households to revolutionise understanding of wider social and cultural practices?


This session will aim to explore themes surrounding ideas of both the house and the household in prehistory. Papers concerning concepts and fieldwork on prehistoric households and houses as well as how the two concepts interact from any period of prehistory would be welcome. The session would also welcome papers looking at how this part of archaeology can contribute to our understanding of larger social and cultural practices, and how the nuances between the physical and conceptual ideas of house and household play out within these wider contexts.


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Organiser: Olivia Britter (University of Southampton)


Deadline: 31st July 2022


Via Olivia Britter