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Unravelling the Palaeolithic 2023

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31 mars 2023 - 2 avril 2023
University of Southampton - Centre for the Archaeology of Human Archaeology




The Unravelling the Palaeolithic conference is a student-led symposium that is aimed at bringing together human origins researchers and institutions from across the world.

The UTP conference was inaugurated on the 28-29th of January 2011, to celebrate ten years of Centre for the Archaeology of Human Archaeology (CAHO) research here at Southampton.


After the success of its first year, it was proposed to make the conference an annual event, hosted in turn by Southampton and five other universities (Liverpool, Cambridge, Durham, Oxford and York). We look forward to welcoming everyone to share their research and learn about the most exciting areas of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology.


This will be a hybrid event, offering both in-person and online platforms to make it more flexible for both the speakers and attendees wanting to join from further afield.


Important dates for your diaries:

Call for Papers: Friday 25th of November 2022
Call for Posters: Friday 25th of November 2022
Call for Workshops: Monday 5th of December 2022


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