Journées d'étude "Restauration des mégalithes - déontologie, constats et perspectives - printemps 2024 A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire 64th Conference of the Hugo Obermaier Society "Going to extremes – hominin lives at ecological margins"

Integrating ZooMS and Zooarchaeology, methodological challenges and interpretive potentials.

Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


18-19 avril 2023
- University of Kent - School of Anthropology & Conservation




Since its development in 2009, Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry (ZooMS) has been applied to a wide array of archaeological bone remains to identify the type of animal (or human) they belonged to.


Besides targeted ZooMS studies to identify special objects or find human remains, ZooMS is now also being applied untargeted to identify large portions of the non-diagnostic fauna in an archaeological assemblage.


These large-scale analyses of morphologically unidentifiable bone remains are generating vast amounts of taxonomic and complementary data. While ZooMS identifications can enhance our understanding of human subsistence practices at a site, its quantitative integration with zooarchaeological and taphonomic data and indices (such as MNE, MNI, MAU) remains underexplored


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Organised by Geoff M Smith, Karen Ruebens, Virginie Sinet-Mathiot, Frido Welker




Please submit by February 1st 2023


Via Dr Geoff M Smith