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The position is vacant from 01.12.2022
University of Stavanger - Museum of Archaeology



The University of Stavanger invites applicants for a PhD Fellowship in engravings and visual expressions in the stone age at the Museum of Archaeology, Department of Collections. The position is vacant from 01.12.2022.

This is a trainee position that will give promising researchers an opportunity for academic development through a PhD education leading to a doctoral degree.


Research topic
The Museum of Archaeology at UiS houses a unique collection of modified and ornated bone and stone artefacts dated to the Mesolithic and Neolithic period (c. 8000-2000 BC). The main objective of this PhD-project is to conduct a study of these portable art(efacts) and their surface modifications, with the intention of gaining more knowledge about their acquisition, curation, use, deposition and archaeological context. Through a systematic analysis of this assemblage, the ultimate goal of this project would be to reveal insights into important but hitherto understudied aspects of prehistoric lifeways in Norway, such as concepts of aesthetics, traditions of mark and art making, and/or iconography, identity, religion and abstract communication in general. [...]


Plus d'infos

More information on the position (and project description) can be obtained from Associate professor and Head of research at the museum, Anja Mansrud, email: anja.mansrud@uis.no, tel: +47 41 68 21 38, or Head of Department Magnus Mathisen Haaland, email: magnus.m.haaland@uis.no, tel: +47 51 83 25 88


Deadline : 22nd January 2023


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