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Interweaving Bell Beaker decorative motifs and textile patterns: Exploring technical and symbolic approaches during the 3rd millennium BCE in Europe

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21st of March 2023
Natural History Museum of Vienna




The Natural History Museum of Vienna and the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science, members of the HEAS Research Network, are glad to announce that they will be jointly organising an interdisciplinary workshop exploring the relationship between Bell Beaker motifs and textile patterns and manufacturing techniques.
This one-day workshop will bring together Bell Beaker and textile specialists to discuss the potential connections existing between Bell Beaker ceramic decorations, stelae engravings, and known weaving and basketry techniques for the Recent Prehistory of Europe. The day will start with short presentations focused on the Bell Beaker phenomenon at large, as well as talks specifically focused on Bell Beaker decorative motifs. The early afternoon will be dedicated to presentations on third- and second-millennium BCE textiles, as well as possible techniques that could correspond to the pottery and stelae motifs. The last part of the afternoon will hold a hands-on session focused on experimental archaeology, during which participants will be able to explore the themes and issues discussed during the day.


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Workshop organisation:
Eve Derenne, Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science
Karina Grömer, Natural History Museum Vienna