Contrat doctoral "Analyse des objets de parure pour explorer la diversité culturelle et sociale au cours du Gravettien en Europe" Actualités The Prehistoric Society - A compilation of teaching materials and information on prehistory

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Université de Venise - Ca’ Foscari



Ca’ Foscari is looking for a researcher in the area of Methods of archaeological research capable of inspiring students to become game-changers in their own fields and to make a genuine difference in the world.


The position will be hosted at the Department of Humanities, a center for the development of innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to history, literature, classics, archeology, art and anthropology. The Department has recently received the “Department of Excellence” Award by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. The Excellence Award has allowed the department to receive additional state funding to develop innovative projects on Digital Humanities and Public Humanities, with the aim of setting in motion a cross-contamination process between scientific areas and redefining a new teaching standard.


In the Department of Humanities, Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows and ERC awardees work together with the permanent faculty, creating a vibrant academic environment.


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Date limite de candidature : 15 mai 2020


Via Dr Lisa-Marie Shillito



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