Handbook of Evolutionary Research in Archaeology / Anna Marie Prentiss (2020) Actualités Objects, Ideas and Travelers. Contacts between the Balkans, the Aegean and Western Anatolia during the Bronze and Early Iron Age. Volume to the memory of Alexandru Vulpe. Proceedings of the Conference in Tulcea, 10-13 November, 2017 / Joseph Maran, Radu Bajenaru, Sorin-Cristian Ailincai, Anca-Diana Popescu & Svend I. Hansen (2020)

Subsistence and Society in Prehistory : New Directions in Economic Archaeology / Alan Keith Outram & Amy Bogaard (2019)


Outram_&_Bogaard_2019 [Néolithique]
Alan Keith Outram & Amy Bogaard (2019) - Subsistence and Society in Prehistory : New Directions in Economic Archaeology, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 286 p. EAN 9781107128774, 94,00 €.

Over the last thirty years, new scientific techniques have revolutionised our understanding of prehistoric economies. They enable a sound comprehension of human diet and subsistence in different environments, which is an essential framework for appreciating the rich tapestry of past human cultural variation. This volume first considers the origins of economic approaches in archaeology and the theoretical debates surrounding issues such as 'environmental determinism'. Using globally diverse examples, Alan K. Outram and Amy Bogaard critically investigate the best way to integrate newer lines of evidence such as ancient genetics, stable isotope analysis, organic residue chemistry and starch and phytolith studies with long-established forms of archaeobotanical and zooarchaeological data. Two case study chapters, on early Neolithic farming in Europe, and the origins of domestic horses and pastoralism in Central Asia, illustrate the benefit of a multi-proxy approach and how economic considerations feed into broader social and cultural questions.

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