Coastal Landscapes of the Mesolithic : Human Engagement with the Coast from the Atlantic to the Baltic Sea / Almut Schülke (2020) Actualités Subsistence and Society in Prehistory : New Directions in Economic Archaeology / Alan Keith Outram & Amy Bogaard (2019)

Handbook of Evolutionary Research in Archaeology / Anna Marie Prentiss (2020)


Prentiss_2020 [Anthropologie]
Anna Marie Prentiss (2020) - Handbook of Evolutionary Research in Archaeology, Cham, Springer, 443 p. EAN 9783030111168, 110,00 €.

Evolutionary Research in Archaeology seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of contemporary evolutionary research in archaeology. The book will provide a single source for introduction and overview of basic and advanced evolutionary concepts and research programs in archaeology. Content will be organized around four areas of critical research including microevolutionary and macroevolutionary process, human ecology studies (evolutionary ecology, demography, and niche construction), and evolutionary cognitive archaeology. Authors of individual chapters will address theoretical foundations, history of research, contemporary contributions and debates, and implications for the future for their respective topics. As appropriate, authors present or discuss short empirical case studies to illustrate key arguments.

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