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Music in the Stone Age

Congrès, colloques, réunions


24-27 août 2017
- Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts



The XV Symposium of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group on Music Archaeology will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from August 24-27, 2017. The symposium is intended to establish a platform of current research on topics such as prehistoric human music cultures and their respective sound tools, or the archaeoacoustics of caves and other prehistoric sites. Besides reflecting current projects and results, it is intended to deepen ongoing discussions, and to publish the information in an anthology.


Possible sessions of the symposium are the making, playing, and meaning of bird bone pipes or any other sound artefacts believed to be Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic musical instruments, the evolution of human neurobiology in relation to sound production/music-making, the archaeoacoustics of prehistoric sites, or organological developments and cultural interactions in the earliest phase of human music.


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ICTM Study Group on Music Archaeology & German Archaeological Institute, for the EMAP
Arnd Adje Both ( & Dorotheee Judith Arndt (


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