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Human subsistence and settlement patterns during the Late-Glacial and early Holocene: insights from bones

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4-9 juin 2018



Une session du 18ème congrès UISPP, Paris 2018,  proposée par Anne Bridault et Dorothée Drucker


The Late-glacial and early Holocene periods (ca. 16,000-5,000 BC) have witnessed rapid and severe climatic oscillations. Following the cold conditions of the late Pleniglacial, these oscillations start with the warming phase of the Late-glacial interstadial (GI1e to GI-1a), which was interrupted by the Younger Dryas, and succeeded by the definitive global warming of the early Holocene heralding the current climatic conditions. The warm phases of the Late-glacial and early Holocene generally correspond to an expansion and intensification of human settlement, which is reflected by a large number of archaeological sites, rich in faunal remains [...]

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