Culture matérielle : archéologie, ethnologie, histoire A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Chantier de relevés de gravures dans la région du mont Bego

Sa Cudia Cremada field school 2018



du 3 au 28 septembre 2018



The archaeological site of Sa Cudia Cremada, in the vicinity of the city of Mahón, is located in an agriculture holding’s property, where very well-preserved architectural, ethnological and archaeological elements blend in the unique and typical Minorcan landscape. Even though all the area is archaeologically rich, the most distinctive part is formed by a talaiotic settlement along with its necropolis. The most visible structures are three talayots (monumental tower-like structures) around which the rest of the structural remains are organized in the dwelling area. Hence, this culture’s name derives from the talayot, its most famous building.


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