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PhD in Hominin Behaviour and Environments of Pleistocene West Africa

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Jena - Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History




The Lise Meitner Research Group on Pan African Evolution (Pan-Ev) is pleased to announce a three-year funded doctoral studentship on hominin behaviour and environment in Pleistocene West Africa. The Pan African Evolution Research Group is developing innovative interdisciplinary methods and conducting fieldwork in West Africa to test hypotheses about human evolutionary processes across the continent.


The advertised studentship will include the analysis of Earlier and Middle Stone Age (ESA and MSA) archaeological and contextual environmental data from several field sites in West Africa, ultimately using computational approaches, broadly construed, to understand them.


The successful candidate will have a background in archaeology and/or physical geography, with significant fieldwork experience (commensurate with career stage) and skillsets in, or a willingness to learn, GIS, lithic analysis and computational methods of analysis.


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Please submit your application by March 31, 2019