Vivre pendant la dernière glaciation. Occupations humaines et paléoenvironnements : quelles spécificités dans les Pyrénées ? A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire PhD in Hominin Behaviour and Environments of Pleistocene West Africa

Origins 7 : International Conference on Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt

Congrès, colloques, réunions


12-16 septembre 2022
6-10 septembre 2021

7-11 septembre 2020

Paris - INHA



Mise à jour le 8 février 2022


Le programme est en ligne

Mise à jour le 24 juin 2021


La soumission des résumés est maintenant ouverte !
Abstract Submission is now open!

Mise à jour le 2 mars 2021

"After close consultation with Origins Scientific Committee and our partners in Paris, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Origins7 conference again. Due to be held in Paris in September 2021, the Origins7 conference will now be held in the same venue in the French capital city from 12th to 16th September 2022. "


As in the previous meetings, Origins7-Paris aims to provide a forum to bring together the latest studies of Predynastic and Early Dynastic studies from a wide range of perspectives, based on field discoveries, material analyses, theoretical considerations, etc.


Papers and posters will concern all aspects of Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt: craft specialisation, social complexity, chronology, technology, material culture, urbanism, art, ideology, religion, results of recent fieldwork, etc.


The official languages of the conference are French and English.


Information about the abstract format, conference fees, social events, and venue details will be posted in the next circular (May 2019).


A conference website, currently under construction, will also contain further information regarding the registration, accommodation and schedule.


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