#ESHE 2021 : virtual scientific conference of the European Society for the study of Human Evolution A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Post-doctorat en archéologie "La production sidérurgique de l’âge du Fer au Moyen Age en Basse Bretagne"

Rock and Roll: 13th International Symposium on Knappable Materials

Congrès, colloques, réunions


4-7 octobre 2021

Tarragone / Online



The special theme selected for the 13th ISKM 2021 is Multi-scalar Characterization of Raw Materials.

In this edition, we want to focus on research applying several analytical techniques, ranging from macroscopic, petrographic and geo-chemical analysis, for characterizing raw materials from any culture or time period.


Five thematic axes group the 16 final sessions


Theme: Characterization Approaches

- Multi-Scalar Approaches to Raw Materials Characterization
- Lithoteques and Field Surveys: An Idea-Sharing Session
- Spectroscopic Techniques for Raw Material Analysis
- Understanding Non-Flint Raw Materials. Characterization and Technological organization

 Theme: Procurement Strategies

- Raw Material Procurement Areas and Strategies
- Quarries as Extractive and Initial Transformation Contexts of Raw Materials in Prehistoric Times
- Re-Thinking the Concept of Embedded Versus Direct Lithic Procurement


Theme: Lithic Technology

- Lithic Technology and Evolution
- Lithic Technology during Holocene and Historical Times
- 3D-Based Approaches to Lithic Tools


Theme: Experimental Knapping and Lithic Taphonomy

- Knapping tools and Techniques for Comparative Studies
- Use-Wear Analysis: The Same Protocols for Different Materials?
- New Methodologies for the study of Prehistoric Tools
- Assessing Raw Material Influence on Lithic Artifacts Modifications


Theme: Social Aspects of Stone Tools

- Practical, Social and Symbolic Aspects of Stone Raw Materials
- The People Behind the Tools


Plus d'infos

Conference correspondence address: congressos@fundacio.urv.cat
Scientific correspondence address: 13iskm2021@iphes.cat


The deadline to submit your papers will be 1st July.

The accepted presenters will be notified on 15th July. Due to time constraints, only a limited number of oral presentations will be accepted, and some authors will be offered the option of presenting a poster