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Human Origins in Action: An International Exploration of Science, Society, and Cultures

Congrès, colloques, réunions


18-20 mai 2021



A 3-day online event showcasing the relevance of transdisciplinary work at the interface of science, human evolution, and society





- The Current Status of Paleoanthropology in Tanzania
- From Africa to Eurasia: Human evolution through the Olduvai lens
- Transdisciplinary Research
- Science and Society
- Cross Cultural Development
- Rhythm of Time: Natural, Cultural, and Investigatory History at Oldupai Gorge
- Technological and subsistence evolution in Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain) In the Iberian Context.
- Facing Challenges in Archaeology: the LAEX and SECYR Laboratories (Madrid, Spain)
- The University of Manitoba Argon-Argon Lab
- Technology in paleomagnetism: A lab tour of the Paleomagnetism and Geochronology Laboratory
- Reconstructing Hominin Life Ways: Behind the Scenes at the Tropical Archaeology Laboratory
- Beyond Olduvai: The Paleolithic Archaeology of Fen-Wei Rift in China
- A(rtifacts) to Z(ooMS) - A Virtual Visit to the MPI-SHH Laboratories
- The Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre
- Palynology and its Applications
- The challenge of archaeological conservation in modern African museums
- Deciphering human settlement patterns dynamics in Eastern Morocco during the Quaternary
- Reconstructing hominin palaeoecologies using the stable isotope analysis of fossil tooth enamel
- Tracking the diet of the first farmers from the Iberian Peninsula: Methodologies and
- Exploring Neanderthals-Sapiens territoriality in NE Iberia through lithic markers
- Animal bones the keepers of History
- ~300 ka of technological adaptations to environmental instability at Ewass Oldupa
- Reconstructing ancient environments of the Cretaceous in Alberta: Dinosaur Provincial Park
- Blockchains, Artefact Sourcing, and Stone Age Economics: Perspectives from Oldupai Gorge
- Q&A with Senior Editor of Scientific American
- Organic Molecules in the Environment: Keys to the Past, Present, and Future
- Application of molecular markers to reconstruct fire history at archaeological sites
- Plant Residues on Stone Tools from Bed I Archaeological Sites, Oldupai Gorge Tanzania
- The n-alkanes in Biomarkers and its use in Paleoenvironment Reconstruction and Hominin Evolution
- The Role of Interpretation in Phytolith Analysis: An Anthropological Perspective
- Sedimentology of the Western Plio-Pleistocene Basin of Oldupai Gorge
- Advanced Materials Characterization using Synchrotron Radiation Potentials in Human Origins Research
- Biodegradation of starch by microbial communities in Tanzanian soil
- Dental Calculus: Applications in Investigating Human Population Dynamics
- Application of palaeomagnetism in human evolutionary history
- The Archaeological Applications of Palaeoenvironmental Biomarkers
- A Novel Route for Identifying Starch Diagenetic Products in the Archaeological Record
- The Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology
- The Role of the Antiquities Division in Tanzania
- Informing and Improving Tanzania's Collection Management
- The Smithsonian’s Approach to Public Engagement on Human Origins
- Expanding your research beyond the university
- The Relevance of Indigenous Research and Content in Modern Science
- Public dissemination in Human Origins Research: the case of Panga ya Saidi, Kenya
- IPHES a multidisciplinary institute for Human Palaeoecology in Catalonia


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