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Fragmentation in archaeological context : accidental breakage, deliberate gesture and beyond

Congrès, colloques, réunions - Appel à contributions / Call for papers


21-22 octobre 2021
Stockholm University - Dept of Archaeology & Classical Studies



The term fragmentation, 'a breaking or separation into fragments' has been used to conceptualize a variety of phenomena across academic disciplines, from sociology and economics to biology and computer science. Within archaeology, fragmentation became an eye-opener at the turn of the millennium, through John Chapman’s work on deliberate use of broken objects in prehistoric societies of Central and Eastern Europe. Chapman showed that fragments were not just discarded scrap, but were sometimes distributed among people and deposited in the landscape in order to manifest social links – to create enchainments. A multitude of studies has followed this theoretical framework, either through fully implementing it, or by critically re-defining it. It has, as Brittain and Harris note (2010:582), proven to be a potent way to think about the world.


We warmly invite postdoctoral researchers and early career scholars to participate. This call invites papers on topics such as, but not limited to: fragments in repairs and reuse, fragments as relics, fragmentation as transformative act, partition of human or animal bodies, fragments in exchange and depositions, fragments as material memories in the present, sampling as a process of fragmentation, and more.

This theme holds potential for all archaeological sub-disciplines. The aim is to create a stimulating meeting where we can share our research and advance our insight into a classic archaeological issue. The aim is also to present the contributions as an edited volume on fragmentation in archaeology, planned for autumn 2022.


Anna Sörman, Astrid Noterman & Markus Fjellström
Organizers of the 7th workshop of the Postdoctoral Archaeological Group


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If you wish to participate, please send a title and an abstract (max 250 words) to no later than May 1st 2021