Q13 – Paleoclimate changes, landscape evolution and human societies: from sedimentary basins to industrial landscapes Actualités Bronze 2019 - 20 ans de recherches : actes du colloque international anniversaire de l'APRAB, Bayeux (19-22 juin 2019) / Cyril Marcigny & Claude Mordant (2021)

AWRANA 2022 - Tracing Social Dynamics

Congrès, colloques, réunions


5-8 avril 2022


"Call for Proposals postponed to 30th November 2021!
We decided to carry out the congress in an hybrid format, in-person and streaming for those unable to travel to Barcelona!"


202204_barcelona_awrana_2022 AWRANA (Association of Archaeological Wear and Residue Analysts)


After the great success of the meetings held in Faro, Leiden and Nice, the motto of the Barcelona conference will be Tracing Social Dynamics. The challenge of this edition goes beyond proving the importance of traceology within the spectrum of interdisciplinary archaeological approaches for the study of material culture. By tracing the relationships and interactions between artefacts, people and societies,the AWRANA 2022 conference aims to support the critical role of traceology in reconstructing past techno-economic, cultural, and social systems, as well as their entanglements. Therefore, we encourage the submission of proposals that, through the application of the traceological method, focus on the structures underlying the use of artefacts, animals and of the human body.

We are particularly keen on receiving proposals dealing with non-utilitarian items and objects such as body ornaments and figurines, and rock art as the traceological applications on these categories have not received sufficient consideration yet. Additionally, and for the first time, colleagues working on dental microwear analysis are warmly invited to take part in the conference, as the sharing of experiences between specialists working on artefacts and teeth will surely energize both fields of research.


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31st October 2021: Deadline for Abstract Submission / 31st January 2022: Deadline for registration