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Prehistoric Society Europa Conference 2022 : Sans frontières: mobility and networks in Neolithic Europe in honour of Prof Eszter Bánffy

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17-19 juin 2022
Bournemouth University


The Prehistoric Society Europa Conference 2022: Sans frontières: mobility and networks in Neolithic Europe will be held at Bournemouth University from 17-19 June 2022.


This year the conference celebrates the achievements of Prof Eszter Bánffy, German Archaeological Institute, in the field of European Prehistory.


Confirmed speakers for Saturday 18th include: Timothy Darvill (Bournemouth University); Jane Downes (University of Highlands and Islands, Kirkwall); Daniela Hofmann (University of Bergen, Norway); Krisztián Oross (Institute of Archaeology Research Centre for the Humanities, Budapest); Pál Raczky (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest); Knut Rassmann (Romano-Germanic Commission, German Archaeological Institute, Frankfurt am Main); Alasdair Whittle (Cardiff University).


Along with two full days of lectures, the conference will also include a half-day field trip to Dorset Museum and Maiden Castle on Sunday 19 June. In addition, the conference will feature exhibitors and a poster display.


Those interested in displaying a poster should send a 150 word abstract to Annabell Zander (az661@york.ac.uk) by Sunday 8 May 2022.


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