#ESHE 2022 : 12th annual Meeting of the European Society for the study of Human Evolution A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Images de l'homme fossile

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Incorporation date: 1st of October or 1st of November, 2022
Tarragona - Institut Català de Paleoecologia Humana i Evolució Social (IPHES)




The research topics comprises 7 research areas, encompassing 36 related research lines:


Zooarchaeology: Taxonomy and comparative anatomy, Taphonomy and Neo-taphonomy, Spatial analysis of marks in bone surfaces, Subsistence strategies during the Quaternary, Coevolution between hominins and carnivores as driving force in hominine subsistence behaviour.


Lithic analysis: Technological and morphometric analyses, Lithic raw materials, Gestural sequences studies, Cognition and social learning, Refit analysis and spatial distribution, Use-wear analysis, Multi-proxy analyses of residues in lithic artifacts.


Geoarchaeology: Characterization of sedimentary facies, Micromorphology, Stratigraphy and micro-stratigraphy, Petrographic characterization of lithic raw materials, Archaeostratigraphy: diachronic and synchronic cultural series.


Spatial analysis: Intra-site spatial analysis, Landscape and regional (cultural) archaeology.


Paleoecology: Paleontology-biochronology, Biogeographic modelling, Quantitative Terrestrial Paleoclimatology (Mutual Ecogeographic Range, Bioclimatic Analysis), Stable isotope analysis, Tooth wear analyses (meso- and microwear), Palinology, Anthracology, Quantitative eco-anatomy.


Paleoanthropology: Dental use-wear, Paleodiet, Post-cranial anatomy and taxonomy, 3D morphometrics, Study of hand bones, European neandertalization process.


Archeo-paleontological conservation: Characterization of bone and stone alterations, Efficiency of conservation techniques, Preventive conservation.


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Applications will be submitted to an email address specifically created for this purpose: r2staircofund@iphes.cat

Application deadline: Thursday, 23 June 2022





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