Scripta Praehistorica. Miscellanea in honorem Mariae Bitiri Dicata / Roxana Dobrescu, Adina Boroneant & Adrian Dobos (2021) Actualités 2-years postdoc researcher and/or a 3-years PhD student with a background in population genetics and statistical genomics

Mobile images of ancestral bodies: a millennium-long perspective from Iberia o Europe / Primitiva Bueno Ramírez & Jorge A. Soler Díaz (2021)


Primitiva Bueno Ramírez & Jorge A. Soler Díaz (2021) - Mobile images of ancestral bodies: a millennium-long perspective from Iberia o Europe, Madrid, Museo Arqueológico Regional, 401 + 389 p. EAN 9788445139387, 50,00 €.

Volume 1 - Bodies and identities from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic in Europe: Iberian figurines / Primitiva Bueno Ramírez, pp. 23-38 - "Idols": a historiographic interpretation for a prehistoric social narrative resource / Jorge A. Soler Díaz, pp. 39-59 - Idols from the Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods in the Iberian rock shelters of the Iberian Peninsula: a look from the southeast / Virginia Barciela González, pp. 61-81 - An overview on anthropomorphic figures in schematic rock art of Western Mediterranean islands / Liliana Spanedda, pp. 83-102 - Neolithic figurines in Southwest Asia and Europe / Svend I. Hansen, pp. 103-118 - Small plastic Arts of the Balkan-Carpathian Neolithic and Copper Age: forms, contexts and interpretations / Ilia Palaguta, pp. 119-147 - From clay to stone: contrasting human representations in southern central Europe / Daniela Hofmann, pp. 149-170 - Anthropomorphic vases in the European Neolithic / Valeska Becker, pp. 171-186 - Clay figurines in Iberian Late Prehistory / Rafael María Martínez Sánchez, Primitiva Bueno Ramírez & José Antonio Linares Catela, pp. 187-208 - The anthropomorphic figurine from the Valada do Mato Early Neolithic site (Évora, Portugal), or the importance of the human body / Mariana Diniz, pp. 209-220 - Lepenski Vir stone images / Dušan Borić, pp. 221-238 - Neolithic figurines in Atlantic Europe / Christopher Scarre, pp. 239-252 - Spatula Idols in the Inner Iberian Peninsula / Rodrigo Villalobos García, Germán Delibes de Castro, Pilar Zapatero Magdaleno, Elisa Guerra Doce, Javier Fernández Eraso, José Antonio Mujika Alustiza & Primitiva Bueno Ramírez, pp. 253-270 - Unexpected looks: the Neolithic anthropomorphic stele of Algar do Bom Santo (Lisbon) in its funerary and ritual context / Antonio Faustino Carvalho, pp. 271-280 - Southern echoes? Stone figurines in the Iberian Northwest / Ramón Fábregas Valcarce, pp. 281-303 - Looking through Millennia: "oculados" and other anthropomorphic forms of the Late Prehistory of Northern Portugal / Maria de Jesus Sanches, Joana Castro Teixeira, Helena Barbosa & Joâo André Perpétuo, pp. 305-327 - Iberian decorated plaques: human images between life and death / Primitiva Bueno Ramírez, pp. 329-348 - The engraved plaques of the Iberian Southwest: histories, contexts and practices / Katina T. Lillios, pp. 349-364 - Recovering contexts and idol interpretations of Ancient Peasant Societies from Central and Southern Portugal: the Leisner Archives and the historical archives of Portuguese Archaeology / Ana Catarina Sousa, pp. 365-386 - Tributes to the gods: idols in funerary contexts in Late Prehistory of Southern Portugal / Leonor Rocha, pp. 387-401 Volume 2 - In Our image", after "Our likeness": on gods, idols and symbolic representation in dwelling areas in southern Portugal (4th -3rd millennia BCE) / Marco António Andrade, Catarina Isabel dos Reis Costeira & Rui Mataloto, pp. 95-119 - The symbolic in Vila Nova de Sâo Pedro: idols, statuettes an symbology / Andrea Martins, Mariana Diniz, César Neves & José Morais Arnaud, pp. 121-138 - Idols and cult objects in the 4th and 3rd millennia BCE in the territory of Alcalar (Algarve, Portugal) / Rui Parreira & Elena Morán, pp. 140-155 - The many forms the sacred: portable imagery from late Neolithic and Copper Age southern Spain / Sonia García Pérez, Víctor Hurtado Pérez, Leonardo García Sanjuán & Marta Cintas Peña, pp. 156-184 - Symbolic representations, social inequalities, and ideology of Eastern Andalusia Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic societies / Gabriel Martínez Fernández & Vicenta López Reyes, pp. 186-213 - More equal than others: the idols in the Siret collection / Ruth Maicas Ramos, pp. 215-234 - On the other shore: portable megalithic iconography in the east of the Iberian Peninsula / Jorge A. Soler Díaz, pp. 235-259 - Cycladic figurines: an overview / Peggy Sotirakopoulou, pp. 261-288 - Ancestral mothers of Neolithic Sardinia: (V-IV millennia cal BC) / Giacomo Paglietti, pp. 289-307 - Prehistoric figurines from the Maltese Island / Isabelle Vella Gregory, pp. 309-331 - Bronze Age an Iron Age anthropomorphic images in the Iberian Peninsula / Rosa María Barroso Bermejo, pp. 333-349 - Mapping portable art in Late Iberian Prehistory / Maria de los Ángeles Lancharro Gutiérrez & Primitiva Bueno Ramírez, pp. 351-365 - Narratives of solar images in Late Iberian Prehistory - reflections based on the exhibition and dissemination of the archaeologial project "Idolos: miradas milenarias / ídolos, ohlares milenares" / Primitiva Bueno Ramírez & Jorge A. Soler Díaz, pp. 367-389

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