Danish Archaeological Investigations on Failaka, Kuwait, Failaka/Dilmun. The Second Millennium Settlements. Volume 5 : The Beads / Ann Andersson (2022) Actualités Scripta Praehistorica. Miscellanea in honorem Mariae Bitiri Dicata / Roxana Dobrescu, Adina Boroneant & Adrian Dobos (2021)

Resilience & Archaeology / Sergio G. Russo & Leah M. Brainerd (2021)


Russo_&_Brainerd_2021 [Généralités]
Sergio G. Russo & Leah M. Brainerd (2021) - Resilience & Archaeology, Cambridge, University of Cambridge, [192] p. EAN ISSN 0261-4332, 58,00 €.

- Introduction: Resilience and its dissociative disorder from an archaeological perspective / Sergio G. Russo and Leah M. Brainerd - Persistence in Neanderthal models / Fulco Scherion - Resilience and reversability: Engaging with archaeological record formation to inform on past resilience / Benjamin Davies, Matthew Douglass, Particia C. Fanning and Simon J. Holdaway - Mobility as resilience capacity in northern Alpine Neolithic settlement communities / Caroline Heitz, Martin Hinz, Julian Laabs and Albert Hafner - Towards a modified urban resilience model for archaeologists / Christian S.L. Jørgensen - Digging deep: Exploring the role of social cohesion and farmer decision-making in the resilience of historical socio-ecological system / Tabitha K. Kabora, Daryl Stump and John Wainwright - Social cohesion and resilience: The sensory experience of death-related rituals at EBA Ebla / Agata Calabrese - Detecting conceptual resilience: The Ancient Egyption notion of judicial sdm ('hearing') over 1500 years / Alexandre Lokitonov.

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