Everyday Life in the Ice Age : A New Study of Our Ancestors / Elle Clifford & Paul G. Bahn (2022) Actualités Danish Archaeological Investigations on Failaka, Kuwait, Failaka/Dilmun. The Second Millennium Settlements. Volume 5 : The Beads / Ann Andersson (2022)

Archaeology at Home: Notes on Things, Life and Time / Hein Bjartmann Bjerck (2022)


Bjerck_2022 [Généralités]
Hein Bjartmann Bjerck (2022) - Archaeology at Home: Notes on Things, Life and Time, Sheffield, Equinox, 238 p. EAN 9781800500723, 71,00 €.

Archaeology at Home takes a deep dive into the entanglements between humans and their things. It explores the notion that things themselves “remember” when left by “their” people and illustrates how the integration of humans and things involves connections running all the way from the present into deep time. Combining methods from contemporary and deep-time archaeology and balancing scholarly archaeology with personal narrative, Hein Bjerck presents three case studies of homes all intimately known to him — the home of his father after his abrupt passing, the home of his uncle that was lost in a fire, and a Stone Age home he excavated many years ago. This evocative approach to archaeologies of memory will be appreciated by professional archaeologists, and by general readers who are drawn to the study of the past and the things that connect us with it.

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