Rock Art and Memory in the Transmission of Cultural Knowledge / Leslie F. Zubieta (2022) Actualités Cooking with plants in ancient Europe and beyond: Interdisciplinary approaches to the archaeology of plant foods / Soultana Maria Valamoti, Anastasia Dimoula & Maria Ntinou (2022)

Cattle and People : interdisciplinary approach to an ancient relationship / Elizabeth Wright & Catarina Ginja (2022)


Wright_&_Ginja_2022 [Archéozoologie]
Elizabeth Wright & Catarina Ginja (2022) - Cattle and People : interdisciplinary approach to an ancient relationship, Columbus, Lockwood Press, 336 p. EAN 978-1-948488-73-0 (hardcover) / 978-1-948488-74-7 (PDF), 89,00 € / 71,00 €.

This volumes originates in a conference session that took place at the 2018 International Council of Archaeozoology conference in Ankara, Turkey, entitled“ Humans and Cattle: Interdisciplinary Perspectives to an Ancient Relationship.” The aim of the session was to bring together zooarchaeologists and their colleagues from various other research fields working on human cattle interactions over time. The contributions in this volume reflect well the breadth of work being undertaken on the ancient relationship between humans and cattle across the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia, and from the late Pleistocene to postmedieval period. Almost all involve the study of archaeological cattle remains and use different zooarchaeological methods, but the combination of these approaches with that of ethnography, isotopes and genetics is also featured. .

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