La géologie: les sciences de la terre appliquées à l'archéologie / Jean-Paul Bravard, Cécilia Cammas, Pierre Nehlig, Annie Blanc, Philippe Blanc & Mélanie Fondrillon (2022) Actualités Journées régionales de l’archéologie Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Symmetry in Human Evolution, from Biology to Behaviours / Antoine Balzeau (2022)


Balzeau_2022_2 [Anthropologie]
Antoine Balzeau (2022) - Symmetry in Human Evolution, from Biology to Behaviours, Basel, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, n. p. EAN 2073-8994, 0,00 €.

Contents - Limb Preference in Animals: New Insights into the Evolution of Manual Laterality in Hominids / Grégoire Boulinguez-Ambroise, Juliette Aychet & Emmanuelle Pouydebat, pp. 96 - Asymmetries of Cerebellar Lobe in the Genus Homo / Yameng Zhang & Xiujie Wu, pp. 988 - Get a Grip: Variation in Human Hand Grip Strength and Implications for Human Evolution / Ameline Bardo, Tracy L. Kivell, Katie Town, Georgina Donati, Haiko Ballieux, Cosmin Stamate, Trudi Edginton & Gillian S. Forrester, pp. 1142 - Asymmetry of Endocast Surface Shape in Modern Humans Based on Diffeomorphic Surface Matching / Sungui Lin, Yuhao Zhao & Song Xing, pp. 1459 - Retrodeformation of the Steinheim Cranium: Insights into the Evolution of Neanderthals / Costantino Buzi, Antonio Profico, Fabio Di Vincenzo, Katerina Harvati, Marina Melchionna, Pasquale Raia & Giorgio Manzi, pp. 1611 - A New Integrated Tool to Calculate and Map Bilateral Asymmetry on Three-Dimensional Digital Models / Marina Melchionna, Antonio Profico, Costantino Buzi, Silvia Castiglione, Alessandro Mondanaro, Antonietta Del Bove, Gabriele Sansalone, Paolo Piras & Pasquale Raia, pp. 1644 - Morphometric Maps of Bilateral Asymmetry in the Human Humerus: An Implementation in the R Package Morphomap / Antonio Profico, Carlotta Zeppilli, Ileana Micarelli, Alessandro Mondanaro, Pasquale Raia, Damiano Marchi, Giorgio Manzi & Paul O’Higgins, pp. 1711 - Biomechanical Evaluation on the Bilateral Asymmetry of Complete Humeral Diaphysis in Chinese Archaeological Populations / Yuhao Zhao, Mi Zhou, Haijun Li, Jianing He, Pianpian Wei & Song Xing, pp. 1843 - The Significance of Chimpanzee Occipital Asymmetry to Hominin Evolution / Shawn Hurst, Ralph Holloway, Alannah Pearson & Grace Bocko, pp. 1862 - What Are the Synergies between Paleoanthropology and Brain Imaging? / Antoine Balzeau & Jean-François Mangin, pp. 1974.

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