The Archaeological Excavations in the Castel Corno Caves (Isera, Trento, Italy) : Burial Places and Settlement of a Small Alpine Community between the 25th and 17th Centuries BC / Maurizio Battisti & Umberto Tecchiati (2022) Actualités Les primeres societats neolítiques de Catalunya, 5600-4500 AC: estat de la qüestió i nous reptes de recerca / Ramón Buxó Capdevila, Juan Francisco Gibaja Bao, Antoni Palomo Pérez, Raquel Piqué Huerta & Xavier Terradas Batlle (2022)

6000 BC: Transformation and Change in the Near East and Europe / Peter F. Biehl & Eva Rosenstock (2022)


Biehl_&_Rosenstock_2022 [Néolithique]
Peter F. Biehl & Eva Rosenstock (2022) - 6000 BC: Transformation and Change in the Near East and Europe, Cambridge, Cambridge university press, 436 p. EAN 9781107042957, 104,00 €.

This is the first book to present a comprehensive, up to date overview of archaeological and environmental data from the eastern Mediterranean world around 6000 BC. It brings together the research of an international team of scholars who have excavated at key Neolithic and Chalcolithic sites in Syria, Anatolia, Greece, and the Balkans. Collectively, their essays conceptualize and enable a deeper understanding of times of transition and changes in the archaeological record. Overcoming the terminological and chronological differences between the Near East and Europe, the volume expands from studies of individual societies into regional views and diachronic analyses. It enables researchers to compare archaeological data and analysis from across the region, and offers a new understanding of the importance of this archaeological story to broader, high-impact questions pertinent to climate and culture change.

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