Rethinking Migrations in Late Prehistoric Eurasia / Manuel Alberto Fernández Götz, Courtney Nimura, Philipp W. Stockhammer & Rachel Cartwright (2022) Actualités Professorship in Archaeology in Copenhagen

Human Prehistory: Exploring the Past to Understand the Future / Deborah Roxanne Barsky (2022)


Barsky_2022 [Généralités]
Deborah Roxanne Barsky (2022) - Human Prehistory: Exploring the Past to Understand the Future, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 258 p. EAN 9781009011990, 34,00 €.

This book provides a concise overview of human prehistory. It shows how an understanding of the distant past offers new perspectives on present-day challenges facing our species - and how we can build a sustainable future for all life on planet Earth. Deborah Barsky tells a fascinating story of the long-term evolution of human culture and provides up-to-date examples from the archaeological record to illustrate the different phases of human history. Barsky also presents a refreshing and original analysis about issues plaguing modern globalized society, such as racism, institutionalized religion, the digital revolution, human migrations, terrorism, and war. Written in an accessible and engaging style, Human Prehistory is aimed at an introductory-level audience. Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the interdisciplinary, scientific study of human prehistory, as well as the theoretical interpretations of human evolutionary processes that are used in contemporary archaeological practice. Definitions, tables, and illustrations accompany the text. .

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