The Earliest Europeans – a Year in the Life: Survival Strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic / Robert Hosfield (2020) Actualités Ranutovac, an Early Bronze Age Necropolis in southeastern Serbia / Aleksandar Bulatović (2020)

The Clay World of Çatalhöyük : a fine-grained perspective / Christopher Doherty (2020)


Doherty_2020 [Néolithique]
Christopher Doherty (2020) - The Clay World of Çatalhöyük : a fine-grained perspective, Oxford, BAR Publishing, 138 p. EAN 9781407354224, 53,00 €.

This book addresses a paradox concerning the role of clay at Çatalhöyük that arises from conflicting material culture and landscape views of what clay truly afforded this early agricultural community. The highly-developed and artistically rich clay-based material culture points to clay being a major contributor to the site's success. However, the underlying thick, impermeable clay beds are also thought to have impeded the drainage of seasonal floods, periodically isolating the community in extensive wetlands and clearly hostile to early agriculture. A landscape re-appraisal is made based on the recognition that the heavier clay artifacts must have been locally sourced and can therefore be read as direct samples of the local Neolithic landscape. The result is a revised landscape interpretation that no longer conflicts with the observed patterns of clay use or broader subsistence practice at Çatalhöyük. Clay’s roleis re-examined in this revised landscape context to demonstrate a fuller and more complex picture than previously thought.

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