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A Lithics Handbook / Ann Clarke & Mesolithic Deeside group (2022)


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Ann Clarke & Mesolithic Deeside group (2022) - A Lithics Handbook, Mesolithic Deeside group, 53 p. EAN ---,

Mesolithic Deeside presents .... A basic guide to identifying and recording prehistoric flint* tools The Mesolithic Deeside group wanted to learn how to record the hundreds of flints that had picked up during fieldwalking in Deeside. This handbook is a collaboration between a lithic specialist (Ann Clarke) and members of the Mesolithic Deeside group and is distilled from the group's participation in several talks and workshops over the last couple of years.  The handbook begins with a brief introduction to why archaeologists classify things. It then takes you through the various stages of recording including how to identify a worked flint; how to divide a lithic assemblage into the basic units of flakes, blades, cores, chunks, and retouched tools; how to identify the material and condition; and how to measure the flints.  A timeline of the archaeological periods along with a simple description of their most characteristic flint working techniques helps you place your lithics in their prehistoric context. There is a section on how you might use the information you have gathered to interpret the landscape. Finally there are links to online publications that will further your interest in lithic analysis and interpretation.  But for now, here are the basics. Like anything lithic identification takes practice and the more flints you look at, the more familiar you get, and the more confident you will be in identifying and recording your finds. .

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